Although not exclusively, I specialise in photographing people
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Jon Firth

I have spent the majority of my adult life to date working in the Photographic Industry. There were no computers when I first worked hand printing in the darkroom. Now every day involves an Apple Mac, different skills, same job.

For over a decade I have specialised in social photography, and am best known for high quality Wedding Photography. I am professionally qualified in Wedding and Portrait Photography, by direct panel submission. I have always strived to give customers the service I would expect to receive myself, if I were the customer, and excellent quality images, and prints. I also shoot some Commercial & Pictorial Images.

Having worked in specialist photo retail and photographic printing since boyhood, I have an extensive knowledge of photographic techniques and equipment from cutting edge digital to 5x4 plate film.

A great sense of humour and broad shoulders are often needed when interacting with people at Weddings, or late at night at Functions times when people often experience intense feelings and emotions, or may become excessively tipsy or otherwise substance affected !! All people are the same in these possibilities, regardless of age, culture, race, belief, gender or orientation from my experience, and I treat everyone the same, respectfully & politely and ask the same from customers.

I have never forgotten the magic of an image emerging in a tray of developer. When I'm making Events prints on location for customers the delight in their face reminds me of how I felt the first time I saw that image start to form. The happiness Photography entices within people is very rewarding. Most photographers whose work I really like & respect end up with a business rather than aim from the outset to start one, just as in my own experience. Again, a sense of humour is important if you run a small business, as is being generally polite and helpful, it's a good way to be and I achieve this nearly all the time with error margin for being human !

I have had work published in local and national newspapers, books, magazines, appeared on a TV Wedding as Photographer, had work exhibited, provided technical photographs for legal cases, received invitations to speak about Photography. I choose primarily though to shoot nice Wedding, Portrait & Event images for diverse customers, and stick to being a Photographer, if you like a Professional People Observer.

As of from early 2013 I also began training part time as a talking therapist. I’m very aware many people face hardships and stuckness at different times, and will ultimately undertake some work which will assist to facilitate people to choose positive life changes, enabling better quality of life. I have no plans to put down my cameras though !

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